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F*** it all!

4/10/06 03:21 pm

so my cat I believe is pregnant

anyone wanna a kitten?? lol

i've got a stupid performance tonight..at 7pm
you should come

i've got a headache...ow

3/23/06 11:32 pm

spring break = very odd memories...a great relationship ....bad sunburns..

March 22nd is a great day....

3/19/06 11:35 am


competition was okay..got a higher score

saw spiderman on the way home on the side of the street

*yes an actuall person dressed as him*

went to the movies with brittany

The Hills have eyes

that movie is disgusting..

britt was VERY hyper
never give her grape soda

she made me VERY hyper

driving home was interesting
I almost ran a red light
stupid ass red light turning arrow thing...grr!
*shakes fist*

went and got steak and shake
Brit swears she had an extra ten
but didn't find it
so we had to give the guy a 50
and I was laughing soo hard and was like " yea you're gonna hate her!"
and the guy just kinda smiles and shakes his head...

I called Shannon's mom
and she thought we had been drinking or smoking

but we hadn't
we were just ...us!


the end.

3/17/06 09:25 pm



its not working between them


i have no voice


oh well

Happy St. Patty's day!

3/15/06 10:51 am

being sick
and stressed out
at the same time

is not fun at all..

3rd day out of school

I need toget better
by like
or I can't perform in the competition

either way im going to support my dolls

atleast with them
I can trust them

3/12/06 09:30 pm

I love
how my weekend
can go from great
to just shit

competition was shit

a new SHE is in the picture

he tells me not to be mad at HER but at him..


he doesnt "know" what he wants
and that he is "confused"

im very tempted to just say
"fuck you"

but I can't
no possible way

why must I love him

I guess its because I know
he does still care for me
all the signs are there
fucking stupid


not to mention
i have had a migrane for 2 days
and i've been sick and dizzy all day

and i caught a bug
I want spring break to start

3/11/06 09:15 am


last night was good
till He came around..
He really bugs me
and Shannon knows I don't like " He"

but all is good with everything else

I do believe Shannon and I are together
but I need to make it official
he's told everyone BUT me lol

oh well
wish us luck*the dolls dummy*

that is all.

2/27/06 10:08 pm

life is quite......aggravating at this point


2/24/06 03:26 pm

whoo hoo
go Juniors!!

2/22/06 09:14 pm

at youth group
I got to pass a big tuna fish..thing around...
I got stabbed by a scale

but Juniors won..
which is cool

that is all
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